Legislative Update

The 2021-2022 WBASNY Legislation Committee is an extremely active Committee that meets on a weekly basis.  We are fortunate to have members from across the State to ensure that the interests of all Chapters are represented.

The four co-chairs are Anastasia McCarthy from the Western New York Chapter, Laurel Eveleigh from the Central New York Chapter, Natanya Briendel from the Westchester Chapter and new-comer Tiffany Malcolm from the Queens Chapter.

Over the summer, Sandra Rivera, our lobbyist for many years, was asked to join Governor Hochul’s administration.  Sandra’s good fortune left us without assistance and input of a lobbyist to guide us and as a result we have been unable to procced with any legislative analysis.

WBASNY has been actively interviewing and vetting numerous lobbyists to replace Sandra – understanding that she will be a very hard act to follow.  Both Anastasia and Laurel have been active participants in the interview and vetting process.

It is expected that upon retaining the services of a new lobbyist we will resume our weekly WBASNY Legislation Meetings to evaluate proposed legislative reforms.

In the meantime, should you be interested in having the Legislation Committee review a proposed piece of legislation please bring it to our attention by completing the Submission Checklist located on the website.  Upon receipt we will forward it for review to the full Legislation Committee and any pertinent substantive committees.  As this process generally takes several weeks, we should be able to make a determination, with the input of the new lobbyist, and be able to comment on the submission.

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