Access to Justice Issues Task Force

The Access to Justice Issues Task Force was designed to develop, coordinate and implement policy initiatives to expand access to and enhance the quality of justice in civil legal matters for persons who encounter barriers in gaining access to New York’s civil justice system. This Committee may develop programs to increase public awareness of the impact that limited access to justice has on society and investigate the availability of and pursue increased public and private financing to support legal services to persons of limited means. This Committee should also encourage the development of information for dissemination to the general membership to increase the awareness of the issues impacting the quality of justice in civil legal matters.

In conjunction with the Legislative Committee, the Access to Justice Committee may comment upon legislation or rules affecting access to justice to the Courts.

The Chair(s) of the Access to Justice Committee will hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and should be available to present both written and oral reports on its activities to the Board of Directors.


Hon. Camille Siano Enders
NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
WA Harriman Campus, Room 241
Albany, NY 12227-0001
518-457-1970 office

Patricia Hennessey, Esq.
Hennessey & Bienstock LLP
445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 604
White Plains, NY 10601-1807
914-683-3510 office


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