Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations A.290 / S-7089
Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations A.1533 / S.6300
Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations S.6579
Access to Forensics Reports for Children A.5621 / S.4686
Access to Identifying Information of Birth Parents A.5494 / S.3419
Adoption Registry – 2012 A.2003B / A.8910 / A.6368B
Adoption Registry / Adoptee Rights – 2016 A.2901-B / S.55964-A  / S.3314 / A.3369
Adoption Registry / Adoptee Rights – 2017 A. 5036-B / S. 4845-B
Aggravated Public Lewdness A.10370 / S.7267
Alternate Contact Information S.1031B / A.3387B
Birth Certificate Confidentiality A.747 / A.909 / S.2490-A / A.875
Child Parent Security Act – 2015 A.4319 / S.2765
Child Parent Security Act – 2014 A.6701 / S.4617
Child Parent Security Act – 2018 A.6959-A / S.17-A
Child Parent Security Act – 2019 A.1071-C / S.2071-B
Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Ban A.2477-B / S.5343
Climate and Community Protection Act A.3876 / S.2992
Climate Control
Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act S.6013A / A.8135B
Condoms as Evidence S.323 / A.1008
Condoms as Evidence (Revised) S.323 / A.1008
Counsel Fees for Non-Monied Spouse A.7569A / S.4532A
Divorce and Maintenance Laws A.11447
Domestic Violence Victim’s Rights Notices A.9628/ S.6956
Domestic Violence Victim’s Rights Notices A.5921
Dream Act – 2013 A.2597 / S.2378
Dream Act – 2016 S.1251-A / A.4311-A
Dream Act – 2018 S.471-C / A.9605-A
Drug Diversion Programs S.6322 / A.9104-A
Due Process in Family Court for JD/PINS S.3831A / A.2602B
Emergency Contraception A.85
Employment Conditions S.3249 / A.271
Enforcement Mechanisms for Collection of Child Support S.5189 / A.7253
Equal Rights for Women S.3249 /A.271
Estates, Powers and Trusts Law A.1071 / S.2071
Family Health Care Decision Act A.7729D / S.3164B
Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (“GENDA”) A. 05039 / S.2873
Gun Trafficking and Crime Prevention Act
Health Care Proxy Reform S.5014A / A.8389
Health Insurance for Pregnant Women S.5548A / A. 7836 / S.4639A / A.6780A
Health Insurance for Pregnant Women S.5686
HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis A.669A / S.3200A
Human Trafficking Information A.3169
Human Trafficking Recognition A.7034-A / S.6893-A
Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) A. 5424 / S.4046
Insurance Coverage for Same Sex Couples S.8175
International Clean Energy Cooperation
Judicial Restoration of Parent Education
Legal Fees by Pro Se Litigants S.5190 / A.7221
Limited English Proficient Litigants & Witnesses – 2013 A.1084A / S.1728A
Limited English Proficient Litigants & Witnesses – 2015 A.162 / S.1788
Maintenance Guidelines A.7645 / S.5678
Marriage Equality A.8354
Medical Malpractice Claims (Lavern’s Law) A.285-A / S.6596
Microbead Free Waters Act A.5896 / S.3932
New York Health Benefit Exchange Act S.5849
No-Fault Divorce A.9753 / S.3890
No-Fault Divorce Legislation S.3890A / A.9753
No-Fault Domestic Violence Exemption Bill A.06992
Nuisance Ordinance – 2017 A.2929 / S.405
Nuisance Ordinance – 2019 A.2665-A / S.4657-A
Oral Translation of Orders or Protection A.6113 / S.1870
Oral Translation of Orders or Protection (Revised) A.6113 / S.1870
Parity for Female Inmate Programs S.3817 / A.7363
Prostitution Loitering A.654 / S.2253
Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace S.6273 / A.9114
Reproductive Health Act – 2010 S.5808 / A.11484
Reproductive Health Act – 2011 S.2844 / A.6112
Respect for Marriage Act S.598 / H.R.1116
Salary History A.5308 -A / S.3692-A
Sex Trafficking of a Child A.6823B / S.5988A
Shared Renewable Energy Facilities A.107 / S.3544
Shared Solar Energy Systems
Social Services Law – Negligence in Foster Care S.6406A / A.9006A
Standby Guardians S.6217-A / A.7899-A
Strangulation A.10237 / S.71111 / A.10161A / S.6987A
Tax Law Amendment Section 612
Temporary Spousal Support A.7032-A / S.5815-A
Temporary Spousal Support A.6049 / S.4569
Translation Services for Inmates S.992 / A.5548
TRIS-Free Children and Babies Act A.4741 / S.3703
Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act H.R. 6545
Video Recording of Juvenile Interrogations A.9770-A / S.7082-A
Wage Equality
Women’s Equality Act – 2013
Women’s Equality Act – 2015

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