Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations A.290 / S-7089
Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations A.1533 / S.6300
Access to Forensic Mental Health Evaluations S.6579
Access to Forensics Reports for Children A.5621 / S.4686
Access to Identifying Information of Birth Parents A.5494 / S.3419
Adoption Registry – 2012 A.2003B / A.8910 / A.6368B
Adoption Registry / Adoptee Rights – 2016 A.2901-B / S.55964-A  / S.3314 / A.3369
Adoption Registry / Adoptee Rights – 2017 A. 5036-B / S. 4845-B
Aggravated Public Lewdness A.10370 / S.7267
Alternate Contact Information S.1031B / A.3387B
Assigned Counsel Fees A.6013 / S.3527
Birth Certificate Confidentiality A.747 / A.909 / S.2490-A / A.875
Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings S.7886A
Child Parent Security Act – 2015 A.4319 / S.2765
Child Parent Security Act – 2014 A.6701 / S.4617
Child Parent Security Act – 2018 A.6959-A / S.17-A
Child Parent Security Act – 2019 A.1071-C / S.2071-B
Child Welfare Preventive Services A.10513 / S.8421
Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Ban A.2477-B / S.5343
Climate and Community Protection Act A.3876 / S.2992
Climate Control
Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act S.6013A / A.8135B
Condoms as Evidence S.323 / A.1008
Condoms as Evidence (Revised) S.323 / A.1008
Counsel Fees for Non-Monied Spouse A.7569A / S.4532A
Court Discretion to Waive Certain Fees A.5045 / S.3457
Court Restructuring
Divorce and Maintenance Laws A.11447
Domestic Violence Victim’s Rights Notices A.9628/ S.6956
Domestic Violence Victim’s Rights Notices A.5921
Dream Act – 2013 A.2597 / S.2378
Dream Act – 2016 S.1251-A / A.4311-A
Dream Act – 2018 S.471-C / A.9605-A
Drug Diversion Programs S.6322 / A.9104-A
Due Process in Family Court for JD/PINS S.3831A / A.2602B
Educational Neglect Against Parents S.1115 / A.1472
E-LEARN Act S.3184 / A.5180
Emergency Contraception A.85
Employment Conditions S.3249 / A.271
Enforcement Mechanisms for Collection of Child Support S.5189 / A.7253
Equal Rights Amendment S.1268 / A.760
Equal Rights for Women S.3249 /A.271
Estates, Powers and Trusts Law A.1071 / S.2071
Family Health Care Decision Act A.7729D / S.3164B
Gender Equity in Education Act (GEEA) H.R. 3513
Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (“GENDA”) A. 05039 / S.2873
Gun Trafficking and Crime Prevention Act
Health Care Proxy Reform S.5014A / A.8389
Health Insurance for Pregnant Women S.5548A / A. 7836 / S.4639A / A.6780A
Health Insurance for Pregnant Women S.5686
HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis A.669A / S.3200A
Human Trafficking Awareness and Training S.244 / A.887
Human Trafficking Civil Action S.672 / A.3186
Human Trafficking Employee Recognition Training S,736
Human Trafficking Information A.3169
Human Trafficking Recognition A.7034-A / S.6893-A
Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) A. 5424 / S.4046
Immigrant Deportation A.1481 / S.2903
Immigration Legal Counsel S.81A / A.1961
Independent Immigration Courts
Inhumane Immigration Detention of Women and Children
Insurance Coverage for Same Sex Couples S.8175
International Clean Energy Cooperation
Judicial Restoration of Parent Education
Legal Fees by Pro Se Litigants S.5190 / A.7221
Limited English Proficient Litigants & Witnesses – 2013 A.1084A / S.1728A
Limited English Proficient Litigants & Witnesses – 2015 A.162 / S.1788
Maintenance Guidelines A.7645 / S.5678
Marriage Equality A.8354
Maternal Mortality S.534 / A.4598
Medical Malpractice Claims (Lavern’s Law) A.285-A / S.6596
Microbead Free Waters Act A.5896 / S.3932
New York Health Benefit Exchange Act S.5849
No-Fault Divorce A.9753 / S.3890
No-Fault Divorce Legislation S.3890A / A.9753
No-Fault Domestic Violence Exemption Bill A.06992
Nuisance Ordinance – 2017 A.2929 / S.405
Nuisance Ordinance – 2019 A.2665-A / S.4657-A
Oral Translation of Orders or Protection A.6113 / S.1870
Oral Translation of Orders or Protection (Revised) A.6113 / S.1870
Orders of Protection in Child Abuse S.7886A
Parity for Female Inmate Programs S.3817 / A.7363
Placement of Foster Care Youth S.08834 / A.10581B
Pre-term Labor Care A.2770-C / S.8525
Prostitution Loitering A.654 / S.2253
Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace S.6273 / A.9114
Reproductive Health Act – 2010 S.5808 / A.11484
Reproductive Health Act – 2011 S.2844 / A.6112
Respect for Marriage Act S.598 / H.R.1116
Salary History A.5308 -A / S.3692-A
Sex Trade Survivors Justice & Equality Act S.6040 / A.7069
Sex Trafficking of a Child A.6823B / S.5988A
Shared Renewable Energy Facilities A.107 / S.3544
Shared Solar Energy Systems
Smart Device Prohibition A.10039 / S.7926
Social Services Law – Negligence in Foster Care S.6406A / A.9006A
Social Services Law – Youth Placed in Foster Care A.1436C / S.222C
Standby Guardians S.6217-A / A.7899-A
Strangulation A.10237 / S.71111 / A.10161A / S.6987A
Tax Law Amendment Section 612
Temporary Spousal Support A.7032-A / S.5815-A
Temporary Spousal Support A.6049 / S.4569
Translation Services for Inmates S.992 / A.5548
TRIS-Free Children and Babies Act A.4741 / S.3703
Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act H.R. 6545
Video Recording of Juvenile Interrogations – 2016 A.9770-A / S.7082-A
Video Recording of Juvenile Interrogations – 2020 S.6533 / A.7970
Wage Equality
Women’s Equality Act – 2013
Women’s Equality Act – 2015

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