Donations will be accepted from now until January 31, 2022,
and all donors will be acknowledged in our “Donor Roll”.

As part of our renewed commitment to fundraising, we are excited to announce our #WBASNYGives fundraising event to be held in the spirit of #GivingTuesday – a National day of giving – November 30, 2021.  Donations will be accepted during the entire month of November 2021 and all donors will be acknowledged in our “Donor Roll.”

This year special recognition* will be given to #WBASNYGives Donors who graciously support WBASNY’s mission as follows:

SAPPHIRE DONOR – $500.00 and over

DIAMOND DONOR – $250.00 and over

RUBY DONOR – $50.00 and over

PEARL DONOR – $5.00 and over

*Sapphire and Diamond donors will receive a free WBASNY t-shirt

As part of this fundraising event, we are seeking contributions in support of, and in solidarity with, WBASNY’s mission to:

“Promote the advancement of the status of women in society and of women in the legal profession; to promote the fair and equal administration of justice; and to act as a unified voice for its members with respect to issues of statewide, national and international significance to women generally and to women attorneys in particular.”

More than ever, the united amplification of women’s voices is needed to cause the change we want to see in the world, and to push for progress in our profession and in society. Lawyers are uniquely qualified to effectuate that change, as leaders in the court system, in the legislature, and in our communities. As the second largest bar association in the State, nearly 3,500 members strong, WBASNY, and we as its attorney members, has the numbers, the skillset, and the will to be the beacon illuminating the way.  Your support keeps that light burning.


  • #WBASNYGives direct access to effect legislation impacting women and children, and society as a whole, through lobbying efforts and our thoughtful responses to important issues. Our organization is increasingly called upon by legislators and the Governor’s office to offer guidance and opinion on legislation impacting millions of lives.
  • #WBASNYGives the support and camaraderie of a network of nearly 3,500 attorneys, mostly women, who are in the unique position of knowing or empathizing with the specific challenges faced by women in this demanding profession. Because of WBASNY, we know the names and faces of the women pioneers on whose shoulders we stand as we offer a hand to pull the next generation up. WBASNY means that no woman attorney across the State has to face her challenges alone.
  • #WBASNYGives membership benefits such as free CLE opportunities, discounts on financial services and financial planning opportunities, strategic partners for insurance, discounts on office supplies and services, discounts on legal research providers, and discounts on travel planning.  All simply by virtue of being a member.
  • #WBASNYGives the opportunity to serve on over 40+ committees on the state-level to work on issues that each member feels particularly called to address with the collective strength of this organization and the expertise of its members supporting your passion.
  • #WBASNYGives amicus briefs on cases of great significance to our members and mission, ensuring that our opinions and mission are heard and advanced through the court system.
  • #WBASNYGives NOTHING without the STRENGTH and SUPPORT of its MEMBERS.

Your contribution to WBASNY helps us to continue this important work, and gives us the ability to do even more. Thank you for your support and your dedication to this mission.

The Women’s Bar Association of The State of New York (“WBASNY”) is a Not-for-Profit
organized under U.S. Internal Revenue Code § 501(c)(6)

Donations made to WBASNY are NOT tax-deductible or refundable

Donor Roll


Alton Abramowitz
Carrie Anne Cavallo
Robert Kaufman
Deborah G. Rosenthal
Marea Wachsman


Erin Bernhardt
Victoria D’Angelo
Simone Freeman
Shari R. Gordon
Laura Granelli
Dawn Reid-Green
Teresa Grant Stoeth
Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP


Irene Angelakis
Kathleen Block
Allyson Burger
Hon. Lisa Cairo
Janette Cortes-Gomez
Diane Dwyer
Jacqueline Flug
Myra Freed
Helen Galette
Martha Gifford
Brittany Hannah
Susan Harmon
Tina Hartwell
Hon. Anne-Marie Jolly
Harvey Kallus
Marjorie Karowe
Mary Kelly
Hon. Rachel Kretser
Caroline Levy
Amy Baldwin Littman
Edwina Martin
Tomasina Mastroianni
Linda Morrone
Lisa Noroian
Toby Pilsner
Hon. Christine Sproat
Danielle Strauch
Joy Thompson
Kathleen Wright
Mindy Zlotogura


Katherine Courtney
Dawn Lott
Carol Malz
Delsia Marshall
Kimberly Morrell
Gail Saul

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