Amicus Curiae

The Amicus Curiae Committee provides research and other legal resource and assistance to advance certain legal positions adopted by the Board of Directors of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York.

This Committee works closely with the various other Committees of the Association and brings to the attention of the Board of Directors cases of particular interest and concern to WBASNY for a recommendation of whether the Association should participate in the preparation and submission of an amicus curiae brief. The recommendation to the Board of Directors should also include the extent to which the name of WBASNY will be used in connection with the submissions.

Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a position or alliance with another entity requires prior approval by the Board of Directors.

Meetings should be held throughout the fiscal year as needed and written reports to the Board of Directors should be available when the Committee makes a recommendation for participation in a case. Since amicus curiae work is often dependent on quick response time, this Committee, after consultation with the President, may request use of the procedures for prompt action by the Executive Committee or full Board, as appropriate, as set forth in the By-Laws.

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Elizabeth A. Bryson, Esq.

Senovia M. Moncada, Esq.

Melinda R. Saran, Esq.

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