Arbitration and Mediation

The WBASNY Arbitration and Mediation Committee is dedicated to educating the legal community and the general public about the availability and benefits of various forms of alternative dispute resolution, most particularly Arbitration and Mediation.  Consistent with WBASNY’s mission, the Arbitration and Mediation Committee endeavors to expand the identification, selection and training of ADR neutrals to ensure there is diversity within the field of dispute resolution.

The Committee will focus on the differences between Arbitration and Mediation and other forms of ADR, and the benefits of each in different types of cases and proceedings.

The Committee will endeavor to arrange meetings where experts in the field will discuss and explain their practices.

The Committee plans to arrange one or more CLE programs each year. We will discuss and arrange to provide information as to the many different Court ADR programs, federal and state.

The Committee endeavors to expand attorneys and the public’s understanding of the differences and benefits.


Lynn Poster-Zimmerman, Esq.

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