The Committee shall request nominations for WBASNY awards from each Chapter and shall include in the request the description of each award and the criteria for selection. The nomination process, including the deadline for submissions, will be determined by the Chair(s) of the Committee. At the January Board of Directors meeting, the Committee shall evaluate the nominated candidates and select the award recipients, who will be presented to the Board of Directors. Each Chapter shall have one vote per award. The Chair(s) are non-voting members of the Committee.

Additionally, the Committee shall arrange for the awards presentation at the Annual Convention. The Committee shall work closely with the Convention Committee to submit the award recipients’ names in a timely fashion and finalize the details of the awards presentation.

At the request of the WBASNY President, the Committee shall solicit recommendations for non-WBASNY awards from each Chapter. Upon receipt of such applications, the Committee shall generate a list of nominees for each non-WBASNY award and present such list for consideration by the Board of Directors. The delegate to the Committee from any Chapter who submits a nomination for a non-WBASNY award shall coordinate with the members of that Chapter to see that the award materials are timely submitted to the organization sponsoring the award.

The Chair(s) of the Committee shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year and be available to present written and oral reports to the Board of Directors, as needed.


Hon. Marilyn Hoffman O’Connor

Hon. Andrea Phoenix

Hon. Joanne D. Quinones
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