The By-Laws Committee is a standing Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York. The duties of the By-Laws Committee are delineated in Article XVI of the By-Laws of the Association.

Generally, the Committee shall keep a record of all amendments; keep a record of and take action on all suggestions or proposals to modify or amend the By-Laws; review the By-Laws from time to time and report with recommendations to the Board of Directors on any proposed By-Law changes for its consideration which the Committee deems necessary or advisable.

All amendments shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Chapters representing at least a majority of the Association’s voting members and shall, in all other respects, comply with the requirements of Article XXIII of the Association’s By-Laws. The Committee may hold hearings with respect to the proposed By-Law amendments at any place within the State for the purpose of receiving comments and opinions on proposed changes. The Committee may also solicit opinions with respect to the proposed amendments from members, officers and directors, as it deems appropriate. The Chair(s) of the By-Laws Committee should hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and should be available to present written and oral reports to the Board of Directors as set forth herein.


Elizabeth A. Bryson, Esq.

Maureen Crush, Esq.

Karen Richardson, Esq.

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