The Committee on Chapters ‘ Membership is a standing Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York. It is established through the authority of Article XXI of the Association’s By-Laws.

This Committee shall include members from no less than three (3) chapters of the Association. Its purpose is to actively encourage the creation of new chapters of the Association in areas where the Association has no chapters and assist and advise interested women lawyers in such areas with respect to forming new chapters. This Committee shall also, upon request of the President or the Board of Directors, assist the President and the Board of Directors in advising newly formed chapters. This Committee, to the extent authorized by the Board of Directors, shall assist the President and any other persons she may designate to encourage the affiliation of existing women’s bar organizations with the Association.

In addition to the responsibility for the affiliation of women attorneys in authorized chapters of the Association, this Committee is also responsible for developing the membership of the Association. This includes the recruitment of new members, efforts to sustain current membership and additional activities to seek and retain law student membership. This Committee should work with other committees of the Association in order to enhance the dual goals of increased membership and increased participation in Association activities. The Chair(s) of this Committee shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and shall be available to present written and oral reports on its activities to the Board of Directors as requested.


Danielle E. Bernard, Esq.

Kathleen S. Campbell, Esq.

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