Children’s Rights

The Children’s Rights Committee is devoted to protecting the rights of children and families and to making sure that the voice of the child is heard.  The Committee works closely with other WBASNY Committees to these ends.

The Committee reviews bills introduced in the Legislature referred by the Legislation Committee, to make sure that the interests of children are safeguarded, and to ensure that adequate services are provided to families so that children can grow up in secure environments where they can learn and develop their potential.  The Committee also develops its own legislative proposals for submission to the Legislation Committee on behalf of WBASNY and sponsors educational programs on topics affecting children and families.

While the primary focus of the Committee is on legislation, case law, and policy in New York State, the Committee also follows issues affecting children and families on a national level.  The Committee regularly provides input to the Amicus Committee on whether WBASNY should participate on issues involving federal law affecting children and families.  Also working closely with Family and Matrimonial Law Committees, the Committee regularly considers issues involving child and spousal support as well as issues related to custody and visitation, including forensic evaluations and Lincoln Hearings, to ensure that the best of interests of children and families are protected in divorce and other high conflict situations. The Committee works with many other Committees as well, including the International Women’s Rights Committee to ensure protections for immigrant women and children; with the Criminal  Law Committee to ensure fair and appropriate safeguards and services for children charged with criminal offenses and their families; and with the Domestic Violence Committee to prevent and stop violence and abuse against children and family members.


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