Children’s Rights

The Children’s Rights Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York is designed to bring the particular concerns of children to the forefront of various legal issues, comment on proposed legislation and consider the consequences of existing laws on children.

The primary focus of this Committee initially will be in the areas of domestic relations, including but not limited to visitation and custody, support obligations, rape and child abuse, and guardianship.

The Chair(s) of this Committee should hold meetings as needed throughout the fiscal year and make available to the Board of Directors of the Association both written or oral reports on its activities. This Committee should work closely with the Legislative Committee to comment on proposed legislation which has a direct impact on children’s rights. This Committee should develop a working relationship with other statewide organizations involved in protecting and enhancing children’s rights, and should coordinate with the Domestic Violence, Criminal Law, Estates & Trusts, Family and Matrimonial Law and Health Issues Committees in particular.

This Committee should also encourage the development of information for dissemination to the general membership to increase the awareness of the issues of children.


Susan W. Kaufman, Esq.

Christina Marino, Esq.


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