Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law Committee aims to increase awareness of this effective dispute-resolution process, which employs cooperative strategies instead of adversarial techniques and litigation. Collaborative law promotes “interest-based” negotiation, requiring a focus on the underlying needs of the parties. The Collaborative process is embodied in a participation agreement, which provides that in the event the parties cannot resolve their dispute, the collaborative attorneys cannot represent the parties in litigation of the dispute. The process often includes use of a team approach and calls upon the assistance of non-legal professionals, such as financial specialists and mental health professionals. This Committee will work with the Continuing Legal Education Committee to develop workshops, seminars, and written materials of interest to the membership. The Committee will also review and comment on proposed legislation that has a direct impact on collaborative practice and focus on the enactment of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in New York State.

The Committee welcomes those who have an interest or expertise in this area of law to serve as Committee members. The Chair(s) of the Collaborative Law Committee will hold meetings throughout the fiscal year and present reports on its activities to the Board of Directors.


Elaine M. Colavito, Esq.

Kathleen Donelli, Esq.

Hon. Cassandra Johnson

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