Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York is a substantive law committee designed as an educational forum to provide the membership with current substantive and procedural developments in the area of criminal law. Of particular concern will be the impact of certain criminal statutes and common law liability on women.

The Chair(s) of the Criminal Law Committee will hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and should be available to present both written and oral reports on its activities to the Board of Directors as needed.

The Criminal Law Committee will work closely with the Legislative Committee and with other substantive committees where their interests are involved in commenting on legislation of concern to it and makes recommendations to the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors on matters on which it desires to take a position. This Committee should also work with the Continuing Legal Education Committee (CLE) to develop workshops, seminars or written materials of interest to the membership.


Sarah Rabinowitz, Esq.

Kristal T. Ragbir, Esq.

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