Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Committee is a substantive law committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York which is designed as an education forum to provide membership with important current information in the field of domestic violence.

The Committee shall draw upon the Chapter delegates or representatives who have an interest or expertise in this field to serve as Committee members.

The Committee shall review the present status of facilities dealing with domestic violence throughout the State, investigate and make recommendations on cases of extraordinary circumstances of domestic violence, which have come to the attention of the Committee, and work closely with the Legislative Committee on legislation of concern to it. The Committee should recommend to the Legislative Committee and the Board of Directors any actions on pending legislation dealing with domestic violence and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for positions on matters dealing with domestic violence as well as promote an awareness of the issues among the membership.

The Chair(s) of the Committee will hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and shall be available to present both written and oral reports on its activities to the Board as requested.


Margaret Farmer, Esq.

Susan L. Pollet, Esq.

Sheila W. Schwanekamp, Esq.`

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