Environmental Law

The Environmental Law Committee advocates for WBASNY to take positions on state and federal environmental legislation and policies that affect women and children.  The committee also educates WBASNY’s members on environmental issues that affect them and their families.  The committee works on a wide range of matters, with a special focus on matters addressing (1) climate change, and (2) pesticides, personal care products, and chemicals that adversely affect the health of women or children.

The Environmental Law Committee works closely with the Legislation Committee, International Women’s Rights Committee, and other substantive committees where their interests are intertwined, comments on environmental legislation, and makes recommendations to the WBASNY Board of Directors on matters on which it requests the Board take a position.  As a result of the Environmental Law Committee’s work, WBASNY has adopted many position statements related to the environment, including Expansion of the TRIS-Free Children and Babies Act (2013); Actions to Mitigate Climate Change and Eliminate Pollution from Energy Sources (2013); Mitigate Climate Change and Support International Clean Energy Cooperation (2015); Microbead Free Waters Act (2015); New York State Climate and Community Protection Act (2019); and Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Ban (2019).

The Co-Chairs of the Environmental Law Committee hold committee meetings throughout the year and warmly welcome the participation of anyone with an interest in the environment, even if they do not practice environmental law.  The Co-Chairs also present written and oral reports to the Board of Directors and make Board presentations to support the committee’s requests for the Board to adopt position statements.

Please check out our committee Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/wbasnyelc


Lydia Antoncic, Esq.

Susan H. Brock, Esq.


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