Family & Matrimonial Law

The Family and Matrimonial Law Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York is a substantive committee. Its primary purpose is to review legislation as well as to address non-legislative issues in the field of family and matrimonial law.

This Committee is composed of the Chair(s) of the Committee, appointed by the President of the Association, the various chairs of the local Chapter Matrimonial Committees or other individuals as may be appointed by the Chapter Presidents, and such other persons as the President of the Association shall appoint. The Chair(s) of the Family and Matrimonial Committee will hold meetings throughout the year as needed and should be available to present both written or oral reports on its activities to the Board of Directors.

The members appointed to the Committee shall be individuals knowledgeable in the practice of family and matrimonial law.

The Family and Matrimonial Law Committee shall assist and report to the Legislation Committee on New York State and Federal legislation that is pending in this field. Said legislation shall be circulated prior to each meeting so that each member may have input from their various chapters and recommendations on a substantive basis may be made to the Legislation Committee.

The Legislation Committee shall also from time to time report directly to the Board of Directs of WBASNY regarding ongoing legislative and other substantive items dealing with family and matrimonial law, including court procedures affecting family and matrimonial law cases.

The Committee shall not take public positions or disseminate recommendations without the approval of the WBASNY Board of Directors. This Committee shall also work closely with the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee to develop workshops, seminars or written materials of interest to the membership, particularly at the Annual Convention.


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