The Finance Committee was established in 1985 to develop financial budgetary policy for the Association’s activities. The Finance Committee reports to the Board of Directors and works closely with the Treasurer of the Association and with the Long Range Planning Committee.

The Finance Committee should be available as a resource to the President, Treasurer, Executive Director and other officers in the process of developing a proposed budget for the fiscal year.

The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning all financial policies, including consultation with the Executive Director, accountants and the Treasurer on any projects or functions of the Association which are likely to have any financial impact.

The Committee establishes, with Board approval, and disseminates to members, the reimbursement policy and procedures and as requested, assists the Treasurer in training chapter treasurers in proper and mandated financial reporting procedures and prepares training materials.

The Chair(s) of the Finance Committee shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed, and shall be available to present written or oral reports to the Board of Directors as requested.


Deborah Weisman-Estis, Esq.

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