The Fundraising Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York is designed to assist both WBASNY and the Chapters in performing annual fundraising and in developing fundraising programs for long-term sustainability.  This Committee will also be responsible for fundraising for specific special events and needs of WBASNY.

An immediate focus of this Committee will be in the area of identification and cultivation of mission-related donors – corporations, grants and individuals.  An equal focus of this Committee will be on the gathering and sharing among the Chapters of effective fundraising ideas and methodologies.

The Chair(s) of this Committee should hold meetings as needed throughout the fiscal year and make available to the Board of Directors of the Association either written or oral reports on its activities. This Committee should work closely with the Finance and Long Range Planning Committees to coordinate fundraising efforts in support of  WBASNY’s current and future fundraising needs.

This Committee should also encourage the development of information for dissemination to the general membership to increase the awareness of the mission of WBASNY and the benefits of membership as a means of cultivating these individual donors, and to that end should work closely with the Membership Committee particularly.


Allyson Burger, Esq.

Danielle E. Strauch, Esq.

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