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The Committee on the Judiciary is a standing Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, established under the authority of Article XVII of the Association By-Laws.

This Committee shall consider the qualifications of candidates for Federal appellate courts and candidates proposed by the State Judicial Nominating Commission for the Court of Appeals of the State of New York and shall present its report to the President. The President shall immediately transmit the Committee’s report to the other officers of the Association and the report and its dissemination shall be deemed approved unless disapproved by a vote of two-thirds of all of the officers within five (5) days of such transmittal. The report shall be disseminated only in its entirety. If the report is not approved, there shall be no statement of any kind concerning such report to persons or entities outside the Association. The rules governing the procedures of the Committee shall be developed by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The deliberations of the Committee shall be held in confidence.

The Committee shall also consider and investigate any complaint which may be presented to it relating to misconduct in office upon the part of any judicial officer. The Committee may refer such investigation to an appropriate Chapter or Chapters. If, after investigation, in the opinion of the Committee, or the Chapter or Chapters to which the referral has been made, the complaint is deemed well founded, it shall report to the Board of Directors for further action and the Board of Directors shall take such action as it, in its judgment, deems proper. The Committee shall also propose to the Association methods for improving the administration of justice. The Committee Chair(s) shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed, and shall be available to present written or oral reports on its activities to the Board of Directors in accordance with the By-Laws.


Eileen E. Buholtz, Esq.

Sujata Sidhu Gibson, Esq.

Deborah Weisman-Estis, Esq.

Advisory Committee Members

Jacqueline P. Flug, Esq.

Karen Richardson, Esq.


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