The Legislation Committee is a standing committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York. This Committee is established under the authority of Article XVIII of the By-Laws of the Association. The duties of the Legislative Committee are generally as follows:

Review legislation, both State and Federal, and draft proposed legislation approved by the Board of Directors for submission to the appropriate legislature; Report to the Board of Directors on recommendations for action on legislation and related issues; Testify when appropriate on behalf of WBASNY on various legislative issues; Prepare and circulate position papers on proposed legislation, particularly to the New York Legislature; however, the Committee shall not transmit outside the Association any report or statement approving, disapproving or modifying a pending bill on behalf of the Association unless so authorized by the Board of Directors of WBASNY; Keeps records of positions on legislation; Forward proposed legislation to the appropriate sub-committees and/or other Committees of the Association for further recommendations and response to the Legislative Committee; and Present WBASNY’s position on issues affecting legislation and state policy, including but not limited to proposals or actions by regulatory agencies and the executive of New York State government.

The Committee shall consist of the Chair of the Legislation Committee of each Chapter, at least one person from each Chapter which does not have a Legislation Committee and such other persons as the President of the Association shall appoint. Where time is of the essence, the Chapter may wish to use the emergency procedures designated for this Committee in Article XVIII, Section 3.

This Committee shall work closely with other substantive Committees of the Association and shall work closely with the Association’s designated legislative consultant to advance legislation of interest and concern to the Association. The Chair(s) of the Committee shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and shall be available to present written and oral reports to the Board of Directors as needed.


Laurel Eveleigh, Esq.

Kasey K. Hildonen, Esq

Tiffany Malcolm, Esq.

Anastasia McCarthy, Esq.

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