Long Range Planning

The Committee on Long Range Planning shall develop, plan and assist the Board of Directors in establishing a three to five year strategic plan. Strategic planning on a long-term basis will allow the Association to grow in accordance with established goals and objectives and will provide the framework for its Committee structures. Inherent in long range planning is also an ongoing review and evaluation of the Associations’ current activities, with recommendations for change as needed.

The Chair(s) of the Committee shall hold meetings throughout the fiscal year as needed and shall be available to present written or oral reports on its activities as requested by the Board of Directors. Initially, the goal of this Committee shall be to prepare a written report of its findings and recommendations for consideration by the Executive Committee which will present a formal plan for adoption by the Board of Directors. Thereafter, the Committee should concentrates its efforts on assisting in the implementation of the Plan and to monitor the success and needs of the Plan by periodic reviews and evaluations.

Additionally, the Committee on Long Range Planning should work with the Chapters in assisting them in the development of local long range planning committees designed to work in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the State, while coordinating such goals and objectives to meet Chapters’ individual needs. The Committee shall work closely with the Committees on Finance and Chapters and with the Advisory Committee at the request of the President or the Board of Directors.


Linda Morrone, Esq.

Linda M. Oliva, Esq.

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