Professional Ethics

The Committee on Professional Ethics, Discipline and Practice is a standing Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, established under the authority of Article XX of the Association’s By-Laws. The Committee shall be composed of at least one member per Chapter and should meet at least two times per year.

ETHICS: This Committee shall examine matters tending to elevate the standards of professional honor and conduct and cooperate with other lawyers’ associations in such matters, and shall investigate the general practices of lawyers which may prejudice the profession or the community. The Committee shall report to the Board of Directors and take such action as it deems appropriate in this regard.

DISCIPLINE: The Committee shall consider professional misconduct complaints against any member of the Association of the bar. The Committee’s proceedings with respect to misconduct shall be confidential and disclosed to the Board of Directors only as ordered after a report. The Committee shall also, in the event the President of the Association is found by a two-thirds vote of the Board to be disabled, unable to perform her duties, or in a position of having failed to perform her duties, act as a review committee of the Board’s actions with respect to the President.

PRACTICE: The Committee shall analyze pending legislation and rules directed toward lawyers and the practice of law, coordinating its work with that of the Legislation Committee. The Committee shall report to the Board of Directors on such issues and take such action as deemed appropriate.


Patricia Blake, Esq.


The WBASNY Professional Ethics Committee has a hotline. If you are a WBASNY Member and have a question regarding an ethical issue, you can contact the Chairs of the Committee. Although we cannot offer legal advice we can guide you in the right direction as to the applicable New York Rules of Professional Conduct, case law and ethics resources.

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