COVID-19 Resources

  1. WBASNY Chapter Newsletters & Facebook pages, ie. New York, Western New York, Nassau & others
  2. BREATHE – Covid-19 Survival Guide – Joy A. Thompson, Esq.
  3. Feeling Stressed About Coronavirus (COVID-19)? – New York State Office of Mental Health
  4. How to Notarize in 6 Easy Steps – New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers
  5. Internet for Households with K-12 and College Students – Altice Home Internet
  6. Internet for Low-Income K-12 and College Students – Charter Communications (Spectrum) and Comcast
  7. Joining Skype For Business – New York State Unified Court System
  8. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – New York State
  9. Operation of Essential/Non-essential Business Complaint Form – New York State Department of Labor
  10. Price Gouging Complaint Form – New York State Attorney General Office
  11. Reduced Internet Connections – Safelink Wireless
  12. Unlimited Data Until May 13 – Charter, Comcast, AT&T and Verizon
  13. Virtual Concerts

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