Two Poems by Susan Pollet

by Susan Pollet

Goddesses With The Most Arms

Mother protector, warrior goddesses
The most they have are between
eight and eighteen arms and hands
Observing mothers rearing and working
their limbs are barely enough
as their workload ever expands

One arm to hold the baby and breastfeed
Another to hold the toddler clamoring
A third arm for the child with his demands
A fourth arm for the husband who needs attention
A fifth arm to prepare the work presentation
A sixth arm to hold the cellphone to speak
with family, friends and work calls,
hoping they will understand
A seventh arm for groceries and cleaning
An eighth arm for laundry piled up to the ceiling
How much can they withstand

All the hands and arms do not have to be hers
as young and old join in from many lands
to lighten their loads so they can withstand
all that is expected of them

Protection Not Guaranteed

Blinded by the affection she
thought she was receiving
she overlooked his
transformation in just
a few, short months

His kisses became barbed
His eyes full of loathing
The words which had
hooked her in baited her
with their sharp points

The neighbors heard his
loud shouting, the dishes
crashing, the glass throwing
shattering their calm—
and her crying for it
to stop

Her workmates saw her
tired eyes and strained
expressions—her high necks
and long sleeves hiding
the bruising which sometimes
peeked out exposing his

In time her family observed
what had been hidden for too
long and they pulled her out—
saved her from drowning in
a sea of abuse—lucky for
her the protection provided,
while not guaranteed, gave
her a life raft—a lifeline
back to herself and away from him

Susan is an active and long-time member of WBASNY and its Westchester Chapter (WWBA), serving as a past WBASNY Vice-President and past WWBA President. Currently and for nearly the past 20 years, Susan has served as a Co-Chair of WBASNY’s Domestic Violence Committee. She has also been a past Co-Chair of WBASNY’s Legislation and Children’s Rights Committees.

Susan is an accomplished author and artist. Her book, Palpable Ponderings, A Collection of Poems, is available on Kindle. To learn more about Susan’s art and books, please visit