US Magistrate Judge Vacancy and Call for Comments

US Magistrate Judge Vacancy and Call for Comments

On October 15th, 2016, a US Magistrate Judge vacancy was created in Brooklyn, NY. A merit Selection Panel was appointed by the Board of Judges on November 3, 2016 to consider all applications and provide the court with its recommendations within 90 days. Please see the public announcement below. Applications are due by January 9th, 2017. A link to the current application is included below.

The same Merit Selection Panel will consider any public comments sent prior to December 5, 2016 on the reappointments of US Magistrate Judges Steven M. Gold and Lois Bloom. Please see the link below for the public announcement on this comment period.

Thank you.



Administrative Order 2016-08 appointing the Merit Selection Panel:


Public Notice re US Magistrate Judge Vacancy in Brooklyn:



Application for appointment as a US Magistrate Judge in the Eastern District of New York:


Public Notice re Request for Comment on the reappointment of US Magistrate Judge Steven M Gold and US Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom: