Wbasny Chapters

WBASNY Statement on Recent Tragic Deaths

Dear WBASNY members,

During my installation speech this past Saturday, I mentioned how women often rise to the occasion to lead in times of crisis. Thus, I was not surprised to learn that in Kentucky last week, a group of women locked their arms together and stood in solidarity with African-Americans peacefully demonstrating against the death of Breonna Taylor, an African-American woman who was shot in her apartment in March by Louisville police during a no-knock warrant. The women created a peaceful barrier between the protesters and Louisville Metro Police officers. In recent days, many of us have watched as much as we can handle of the images of the brutal treatment of George Floyd, an African-American man who was asphyxiated during an arrest in Minnesota. Weeks earlier, we were outraged by the fact that it had taken two months for authorities in Georgia to arrest and bring charges against three men who ambushed and shot to death Ahmaud Arbery, an African-American man jogging through a neighborhood.

Many of us feel the desperate anger and frustration of the protesters in the streets of our cities.  Many of us, including law enforcement officers in New York, Florida, Oregon and Minnesota, have taken a knee to pray for peace, healing, justice and unity throughout this nation. As an organization whose mission includes the promotion of the fair and equal administration of justice, WBASNY lifts its voice in support of meaningful reform that ensures all of our citizens – including African-American men and women – are treated with dignity. As a 40-year-old women’s organization well versed in the history of injustice yet committed to the struggle for positive change, WBASNY stands, arms locked, against racism, intolerance, and bigotry and for the fair and equal administration of justice for all.

Joy A. Thompson
WBASNY President