WBASNY Supports the Equal Rights Amendment Concurrent Proposal, Elimination of the “Pink Tax” and Paid Sick Leave

WBASNY Supports the Equal Rights Amendment Concurrent Proposal, Elimination of the “Pink Tax” and Paid Sick Leave

March 6, 2020, New York, NY

The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (“WBASNY”) supports the following proposals included in the Governor’s FY 2021 budget:

• Equal Rights Amendment Concurrent Resolution,
• Elimination of gender pricing discrimination (“the Pink Tax” – Part S of A.9508-A / S.7508-A); and
• Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave (Part J of A.9506-A / S.7506-A)

Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment

WBASNY has long been an ardent supporter of amending the New York State Constitution to include sex as a protected class in the New York ERA. WBASNY is pleased that in addition to sex this Constitutional amendment would also include other characteristics already recognized under the New York Human Rights Law as protected classes, namely: ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. WBASNY applauds this long overdue amendment which will solidify equality under New York Law in a more permanent and enduring way. Its passage will ensure that all citizens of the Empire State are treated equally regardless of what gender they identify with. WBASNY believes this amendment will help achieve inter alia equal pay based on ability.

Elimination of the Pink Tax

WBASNY supports the proposed amendment to Section 390-d of the New York General Business Law prohibiting the sale or offer for sale of any two consumer products or services that are substantially similar but priced differently based on the gender of the person for whom the products and services are marketed and intended. This amendment will eliminate an historic disparity between products and services that are intended for women and higher priced than substantially similar products and services offered to men. The amendment is not unduly burdensome to businesses in that it permits consumer products and services price differences based upon the time, difficulty or cost incurred in manufacturing the product or offering the service. Given that higher consumer costs to women widen the gender wage gap over time, this legislation furthers WBASNY’s mission of promoting gender pay equality and the economic advancement of women.

Eliminating the Pink Tax will ensure that similar products like razors are similarly priced. A pink razor should not cost more than a blue razor as they presently do. WBASNY supports passage of this legislation to eliminate what has effectively become a “commercial” tax on women.

Guaranteed Sick Leave

WBASNY supports the addition of Section 196-b to the New York State Labor Law providing job protected sick leave for New Yorkers, thereby creating a healthier work environment and allowing protected time off to seek medical care and/or recuperate from illness. Moreover, the proposal does not impose undue hardship on employers since it takes into account the size of the employer in determining the number of sick days required to be offered and whether sick leave is to be paid or unpaid. Under the proposed law, employers must provide a minimum number of sick days each calendar year as follows: employers with four or less employees must provide five days of unpaid sick leave; employers with five to ninety-nine employees must provide five days of paid sick leave; and employers with one hundred or more employees must provide seven days of paid sick leave. WBASNY supports the proposed legislation as needed protections for vulnerable, disempowered workers who are without leverage to negotiate for these minimal standards of employment.

WBASNY is dedicated to erasing gender discrimination and applauds the Governor’s continued efforts to eliminate gender bias in all aspects of the lives of the citizens of New York.

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