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WBASNY’s Response to Calls for the Recusal of Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Letter to the Editor
New York Law Journal

An impartial judiciary is the sine qua non of our legal system.  Towards that end, New York government – and the judiciary itself – have provided safeguards so that all litigants have the confidence and assurance that they will be fairly heard and their disputes fairly resolved without regard to their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or heritage.

When we attack that system by singling out and criticizing jurists based on factors that are entirely irrelevant to whether someone is an impartial judge, we are attacking all of the lawyers and litigants who faithfully and knowingly choose to participate in this system every day because they know that our judges will treat them fairly and in accordance with the law.  How we look and who we give thanks to does not enter into the equation.  The same principle applies with respect to our judges.