Deirdre L. Hay

Deirdre L. Hay

Highlights of Presidency:

The year’s theme was Equal Means Equal: The True Measure of a Woman. Deirdre focused on wage equality and the Equal Rights Amendment and lobbying for these things in Albany. The keynote speaker at Convention was the Director of the movie Equal Means Equal, Kamala Lopez, and every chapter was given a copy of the very informative movie to show to members.

WBASNY joyously celebrated 100 years of women’s suffrage. The Equal Opportunity in the Profession Committee hosted an event in Seneca Falls and a visit to the Women’s Rights Historical Park with an inspiring talk by a scholar Sally Roesch Wagner and dinner in Seneca Falls. Four new and active committees were set up: ERA/Civil Women’s Rights, Sex Trafficking, Immigration and Title IX.

WBASNY also celebrated the 150th anniversary of the admission of the first female attorney, Arabella Mansfield. 50 members were lined up to be admitted at the Supreme Court and meet with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg but, sadly, the arrival of COVID halted that. I served on the Access to Justice Task Force and submitted WBASNY candidates to be considered for the Commission on Judicial Salaries and made a submission on the proposed court restructuring.

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