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WBASNY is Proud to See Historic Progress Being Made Toward Social Justice

August 30, 2019

The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, (“WBASNY”) is committed to protecting and advancing the rights of women and children. WBASNY is particularly proud the State of New York is witnessing historic progress being made toward social justice, including by the passage of a law by Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday (A.5318/S.2356). This legislation allows victims of domestic violence to terminate certain contracts, without penalty, provided the victim provide certain proof, if the victim was forced to flee from the perpetrator of their abuse.

When leaving a domestic abuser, victims are often forced to leave behind items of significant intrinsic and financial value, creating a barrier in their ability to afford to move themselves and their children to safety. Providing an escape clause in multi-year contracts is entirely consistent with the State and telecommunication industry’s efforts in providing victims of domestic violence support needed to reclaim their lives. This legislation builds on the great strides made in the Governor’s 2019 Women’s Justice Agenda to combat domestic violence and empower victims to seek justice.

WBASNY recognizes the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, the sponsors of this legislation, Senator Kevin Parker and Assembly Member Nily Rozic, and other members of the New York legislature who continue to champion the rights of survivors of domestic abuse. The message is clear: the needs of domestic violence survivors will no longer be ignored.