Lenore Kramer

Lenore Kramer

Highlights of Presidency:

It was my great privilege and honor to serve as the seventh President of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York. As the last of WBASNY’s two-term presidents, I had the advantage and luxury of time to implement a number of significant initiatives. Building on the foundation created by my very dedicated and able predecessors, I took up the task of increasing the profile and influence of our association.

First and foremost, recognizing the need to present our viewpoint on issues of concern to women generally, and women lawyers in particular, we hired our first paid political consultant. In doing so, our goal was to advocate in support of legislation that furthered the association’s mission. I felt strongly that WBASNY’s opinions and concerns should be heard and considered as an integral part of the legislative process.

In another first, we joined with the New York State Bar Association and the New York State Trial Lawyers Association to establish quarterly meetings with then-Chief Judge Wachtler, at which we were able to freely raise issues relating to the operation of the courts and practical matters of concern to our members. These meetings continued for a time during the administration of Chief Judge Kaye. Our participation brought about tangible results, and also served to reinforce WBASNY’s position as a statewide association of consequence.

In closing, I cannot fail to mention that the installation for my second term as President took place at our first out-of-state convention, held at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, Florida. Continuing a tradition set by our founder, the wonderful Joan Ellenbogen, we convened for the requisite Board meetings in and around the pool, complete with martinis and margaritas! A truly unforgettable time was had by all!

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